Duluth Healing Garden
Aspen Fountain
Lake Minnetonka Estate
Northwestern Sculpture
St. Peter Claver School
Lakewood Reflecting Pond
Central Library Slate "Fish Scale"
Duluth Healing Garden
MOA Nickelodeon Universe Construction
MOA Butterfly Bay Eco-Park
Guam Medical City
Joy Nature Play Park
MN Zoo - Grizzly Coast Plaza
1/2 Mile of Historic Pavers
Marriott Courtyard
Walker Art Center
MN Zoo Heart of the Park
Minneapolis Airport Limestone Walls
Landmark Plaza - Snoopy Park
MN Zoo Amphitheater Stone Cutting
Scholars Walk U of M
MN Zoo - Moving 800 Trees



It's hard to drive anywhere in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul without bumping into one of our projects.  Whether it is a residence or commercial project - they are all over and counting.  Some are quite visible and we are especially proud of these public projects that contribute significantly to the natural environment in our state. Russia's Grizzly Coast was built in 2007 and won numerous national Zoo awards for "Best New Attraction."  We labored for almost two years on that project - moving over 1,100 specimen large-caliper trees, 1,000 tons of stone, and building three spectacular green roofs.  Lakewood Mausoleum located in the heart of Minneapolis has won 27 national AIA and ASLA awards.  Monster trees planted in perfectly spaced grids, 4,000 cubic yards of soil - mixed, conveyored, and placed - a highly technical intensive green roof, and golf green-like grading throughout the site - made this project a real labor of love.  It is stunning and will be for generations to come.  And finally, another public project that is near and dear to us is the Woman Suffrage Memorial at the State Capital Mall.  We did this project early in our history and to this day it is one of our favorite sites to visit.


We say that we "build beyond the box" and it's true.  From designing and building a year-round giant sculpture fountain in Aspen, Colorado to building two green roofs on the island of Guam.  We have the skills, experience, and confidence to  help customers on just about any landscaping or green roof project.  In 2013, we installed over one-half mile of historic granite pavers along the new light-rail line in St. Paul.  In 2007, we helped to design and install the new landscaping for Nickelodeon Universe - seven acres of indoor amusement park.  Bottom line - we know how to get things done well.