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In 2011 we started looking for a innovative roof paver manufacturer to partner with on green roofs and roof-top plazas and walkways.  Our search took us to Tile Tech Pavers in Los Angeles, California.  We quickly found the product we wanted to include on our green roof projects.


The first project we did together was about as complicated as you can get.  We needed a typhoon-proof pedestal paver system with clean details, honed finish, and matching Typoon resistance locking plates.  Tile Tech produced the concrete Wind Lock product and we installed the system on the 3rd floor of the Guam Medical City Hospital.  During the installation we even survived Typhoon Dolphin.  The Tile Tech Wind Lock system worked perfectly.  A break through in creating beautiful and functional roof-top areas in high wind locations.

Today, we are working on numerous roof paver projects for owners who want the beauty and technology of Tile Tech Pavers.  Tile Tech Roof Pavers easily provide the best value for any roof-top walk-way or plaza project.  As a green roof design/build company we appreciate that Tile Tech consistently provides the lowest overall cost, widest selection of options, and cutting edge hurricane/typhoon-proof technology.  


Moving ahead, we are excited about the on-going testing sponsored by Tile Tech at Florida International University's Wall of Wind Laboratory.  These tests will continue to confirm the wind uplift resistance capabilities of the Tile Tech paver system.   The most recent tests conducted in September 2016 provide conclusive evidence of the Tile Tech Ipe Paver system performance in Category 5 Hurricane winds - 150+mpH.  As our global climate continues to change - storms will stall, they will become more severe, and they will have greater potential for damage.  Our green roof and roof paver projects must be designed to meet these challenges.

Barpal Hirst Finished Ipe Deck