Beating Hurricane Irma

Surviving Category 4 hurricane winds requires careful planning and preparations. As evidenced by Hurricane Harvey and Irma – storms are more likely to stall and intensify than ever before. The resulting damage to property and life can be catastrophic.

Since 2014, Aloha Landscaping has been installing Tile Tech hurricane and typhoon resistant roof paver systems in Florida and the island of Guam. Our roof paver terraces have survived Typhoon Dolphin in Guam and most recently a direct hit by Hurricane Irma in Florida – without any damage. Tile Tech is an innovator, making it possible to install both traditional concrete and game changing light-weight structural porcelain and Ipe wood tiles in high wind locations. A combination of product innovations and installation engineering, provided by Aloha Landscaping, allow the Tile Tech system to meet specific high wind product approval requirements every time. No longer can you rely on heavy concrete pavers to meet wind uplift requirements – not when you need to meet the wind uplift associated with 145-180 mph winds.

What’s more, the need for lighter weight materials to meet structural requirements on retrofits and new construction is growing. Combined with the demand for finer finishes – structural porcelain and Ipe wood pavers are a perfect solution. And at a cost of just $1.25 more per square foot, Tile Tech has opened the door for building owners and developers to have the fine roof terrace finishes that sell and perform over time.

At Aloha Landscaping, we protect our clients by self-performing all of our roof paver installations. Why? Because we understand risk management and we are committed to quality. We start with a certified crew, supervision and project management. On top of that, we provide product approval engineering and design assistance. Finally, we back up our proposal with proper insurance and support to provide a high quality installation and risk management for the owner.

Beating the odds of roof paver damage and destruction from hurricanes and typhoons has nothing to do with luck. You need a trusted partner that has pioneered high wind roof paver product approval engineering and installation of traditional concrete and structural porcelain and Ipe wood roof pavers. Aloha Landscaping is the contractor of choice for discriminating project owners and developers.

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